General Hospital's Laura Wright Wants Carly to Morph into a True "Mobster's Wife"


General Hospital's Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) is itching to go full mob moll. In an interview with TV Insider, the perfectly-coiffed performer shared her wishful storyline for Carly: and that might just mean a trip to Mafiaville.

She spilled:

My dream would be for Carly to get involved in the mob somehow. I see Carly more teaming up as a mobster’s wife to protect her family, than trying to push Sonny [Maurice Benard] to quit the mob, because the kids aren’t protected in that way. If Carly was packing [heat] and it was like, 'Nothing happens to my kids on my watch!' I could see that being a really interesting story.

Amidst juicy storylines for Carly, Wright has found that filming with COVID-19 safety restrictions in place has pushed her as an actor. She added:

It’s interesting, because I take on any challenge since I really find it interesting to take something that seems odd or uncomfortable and to be in it and tell a story from that place. So, yes, when I first heard we were coming back and there was no real touching or stuff, then I thought, ‘We have to really get creative with our writing and really be solid in the storytelling and our ability to sell that story.’ I think it really has to expose us more in our emotions in knowing our dialogue to be able to sell these stories without touching. It could actually be challenging and beautiful and open us up to even better acting because we’re having to not lean on something we do so much. Maybe it shifts our storytelling a little bit, and maybe relationships change, maybe it gives a fresh new vibe to it all.