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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Is On a Mission to Save General Hospital

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Lulu Spencer, General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Maurice Benard

Carly gives Jason a helmet and tells him to use it from now on. Jason promises that he won't take anymore pointless risks. Carly tells him that she's worried Nelle will retaliate. 

Sam tells Sonny that she believes Brando sabotaged Jason's bike, but Sonny refuses to believe it. 

Lulu stops by Wyndemere to ask Nikolas to bail out the hospital. She explains to him how Cyrus wants a spot on the board and needs Nikolas to step in. Nikolas promises to cover the debt.

Ava's portrait is being unveiled. Franco stops by the hospital to try to convince Liz to go with him. Liz says she's upset with Ava for exploiting and capitalizing on his past. Franco believes his best years are behind him and no one cares about the man he is now. Liz says Ava's playing into Franco's ego. Franco counters that Ava believes in him.

Michael and Willow discuss their good fortune because they get to keep Wiley. Michael mentions Chase, but Willow is past him now. The two are happy they married each other and make plans to go out for a celebration. 

Brook Lynn heads a bar to drown her sorrows and runs into Chase and Sasha. She snarks out Sasha who storms off to the bathroom. Chase tells Brook Lynn to back off. 

Sasha runs into a friend of the woman who gave her the drugs at the photoshoot and gives her more. (Man these people are generous with the drug giving!)

Ned complains that Brook Lynn could have warned him about Valentin coming after ELQ. Olivia gets angry with Ned, saying children are not disposable and he shouldn't have thrown his daughter away. Sasha texts Olivia about Brook Lynn. 

Lulu heads to the hospital and speaks to a board member. He says he already accepted Cyrus' offer. Lulu finds Sonny and tells him all about Cyrus, his run for the hospital, and Valentin's takeover of ELQ.

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Ava and Nikolas argue. He mentions he won't divorce her because Spencer doesn't want him to not have his legacy. Nikolas claims Spencer doesn't forgive him or Ava. Ava says Nikolas should have been honest with her when he first came back to town. Then, things wouldn't have ended up as they have.

Brando stops by to check on Jason, but Sam isn't happy. He swears once again he didn't sabotage the bike and he's not the enemy. 

Olivia stops Brook Lynn from drinking and gives her a key to a Metro Court room. Brook Lynn doesn't understand Olivia's kindness. Olivia says they're family and need to stick together. 

Sonny asks Jason what happened with the bike. Jason believes the steering went out and it's either a problem with the part or Brando made a mistake. Sonny tells Jason about Cyrus and Valentin. 

Carly finds Sasha and Chase and tells them Millow got full custody. She thanks them for their sacrifice. 

Franco shows up at Wyndemere and tells Ava that Liz won't be coming. Ava says they need to enjoy their night. 

Nikolas calls Spencer and tells him that Ava doesn't know they're in cahoots to get rid of her. He's hoping Ava will voluntarily end the marriage and walk away.

Lulu runs into Cyrus and warns him not to get too comfortable on the board. She says Laura will do everything to oust him. Cyrus says Laura can't do anything because he's now the chairman.

Ned tells Michael that Valentin is now the new CEO. He apologizes for letting Michael down, but Michael figures Valentin is Deception's secret backer, which is why Lucy voted with him.

Jason tells Sam that Valentin voted against saving the hospital because he has 50% of the shares, thanks to the kids' proxies.