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WATCH: General Hospital's Lynn Herring Talks "Baby Nurses' Ball"

Lynn Herring

General Hospital might be dealing with COVID-19 filming restrictions, but The Nurses' Ball must go on! In an August 14 video Q&A with Victor Dandridge of Wizard World Virtual Experiences, GH stars discussed balls past and present. Lynn Herring (Lucy Coe) talked being back at work and also hyped up the upcoming event. 

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She said:

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We are thrilled to be back. You have to give credit to our producers and the crew and our staff. The logistics to get the show back up under these conditions are hard and amazing and tortuous. But these people are so good.

She discussed the upcoming ball, dubbing it a "baby Nurses' Ball" (of course, social distancing and other safety requirements will limit how many performances and appearances will take place). But Herring is also hoping to bring girl power back to Port Charles, and not just on the stage at the city's annual benefit. When asked what storylines she'd like to see next, she suggested:

Something about the female dynamic…we team up together instead of being adversaries. We’re actually kicking the guys’ butts instead.

Watch the full discussion below.