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Perkie's Observations: Ava Second Guesses Her Motives on General Hospital

Maura West

Maura West

Ava warns Nikolas to be on his best behavior for the unveiling or he'll regret it. Nikolas says he's upset over Spencer's rejection. Nikolas brings up Kiki and mentions how they both lost a child. Ava walks away upset. Franco admonishes Nikolas. 

Lucy tries to get out of attending the unveiling, but Maxie thinks they need to schmooze for Deception.

Lulu questions Maxie about her pregnancy and tells her not to keep it a secret. Maxie says she hasn't found the right time to tell Peter. 

Franco admits to Scotty why Liz didn't want to attend the unveiling. Franco thinks Liz wishes his past didn't exist (well duh, moron).

Liz and Terry (remember her) discuss Cyrus being allowed on the hospital board. The two make girl talk, catching non-watching viewers up to date on the latest Port Charles shenanigans. Talk turns to Ava's unveiling, which Liz doesn't want to attend. 

Anna and Finn make wedding plans (why does it feel like they've been engaged for 45 years?). She asks if he's planning on inviting his father. Anna wonders if Finn wants Violet to have a relationship with his dad. Finn says he doesn't have a strong relationship with his father and doesn't want Violet to pick up on any bad vibes. Finn also says he doesn't want his stepmother there. Anna tells him to put his feelings aside for Violet. 

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Liz shows up at Wyndemere. While she's looking for Franco, she ends up on a parapet with Nikolas. The two discuss Cyrus and have a teeny tiny bit of a moment ('twas a wee bit yummy).

Franco finds Ava to comfort her, saying Nikolas had no right to bring up Kiki's death. Ava tells Franco about the pre-nup and how she might be having second thoughts because of Spencer. She wonders if she can give Nikolas and Spencer the closure that she never had with Kiki. 

Lucy admits to Scotty that she voted with Valentin against the hospital. She and Scotty argue. Lucy says the hospital will be fine and refuses to blame herself. 

Jax tells Lucy to be careful around Cyrus because he's a criminal. Lucy's surprised to hear this since Jordan gave the press conference on Cyrus' behalf. 

Ava talks to Nina and admits that forcing Nikolas to marry her may have been wrong. She's upset that she's hurting Spencer. Nina wonders if Ava can give up her revenge against Nikolas. Nina says after she gave up her revenge against Valentin, she found peace and happiness. 

Maxie confronts Franco and says the unveiling is bringing back his bad boy days. Liz tells Franco she agrees with Maxie and decides she doesn't want to stay. 

Nikolas admits to Lulu they're working together to get rid of Ava. Lulu is seriously upset with her brother and says he's dragging Spencer into his twisted games. Nikolas says Ava forced his hand. 

Ava announces Franco as the artist and unveils the portrait, which shocks everyone (I'm putting money on there being horns and mustache!).