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As the World Turns Alum Ming-Na Wen Discusses How Hollywood Can Show "We're All Equal"

Ming-Na Wen (ex-Lien Hughes, As the World Turns) might be best known for her work voicing Mulan or in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, in an interview with the Malay paper The Star via The Straits Times/Asia News Network, the Macau-born Wen shared her struggles with a lack of Southeast Asian representation in Hollywood.

She shared:

Back when I did The Joy Luck Club, we only had three TV channels.

So I fought and went after roles that weren't specifically Asian to begin with; Deb Chen [ER] wasn't. At the audition, it was me and a dozen Caucasian women. Then once they cast me, they changed the name. And the same thing with May.

Of including more diverse actors, Wen suggested "making it not an issue and making it a thing that should be part of the norm." She added:

That, for me, is the biggest way to influence anyone. They're seeing the character, they're falling in love with the character and, oh, he or she just happens to be Asian.

That is the ultimate way to get people to accept that we're all equal and not different. If we have differences in how we look, it only enhances the human experience.