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Guiding Light Fan Fave Beth Ehlers Returns in 'Forever and a Day' Podcast Series

Beth Ehlers

Guiding Light and All My Children alum Beth Ehlers has made her return to acting! The fan fave is lending her talents to the soap-tastic podcast series Forever And a Day.

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Ehlers kicked off her appearance on FAAD with a bang. Her character, Melanie Walters, stormed into Augustus, Illinois, and showed she's "all business." Creator/co-executive producer/co-head writer Casey Hutchison shared that Melanie's time in town "will impact the lives of so many in Augustus, Illinois to the point where the characters will never be the same!"

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Ehlers opened up:

It is fun to be acting again. But I’m definitely rusty. I knew who Harley (her Guiding Light character) was inside and out. Melanie is still unfolding. It will take a little time for everyone to define the relationships, so I hope the audience is patient with us. Doing scenes remotely (via Zoom) and acting in a listening only mode is so different from face-to-face, eye-to-eye performance. There are so many really good people whom I’ve already worked with and their enthusiasm is infectious. We have the very passionate Casey Hutchison (Creator/Co-Executive Producer/Co-Head Writer) and Candice Mack (Co-Executive Producer/Co-Head Writer) at the helm, and I just feel really fortunate to be part of such a great group of people. Everyone couldn’t be nicer!

New episodes of Forever and a Day drop each Monday and Friday at 3 PM EST. Share your excitement at Ehlers' return on social media with the hashtag #BethIsBack!