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Perkie’s Observations: Eavesdropping Ava Overhears the Truth on General Hospital!

Ava Jerome

Franco removes the cover and exposes the painting, which has been vandalized. There is paint over Ava's face and Franco's old tag. Liz believes Ava sabotaged her own painting to make headlines and to push Franco back into his old life.

Ava denies the claim, but Liz says she's manipulating Franco. Franco reassures Ava that he doesn't believe she was the one who did it.

Lulu tells Dustin about Nikolas' plot with Spencer to oust Ava from his marriage. She also believes Nikolas may have sabotaged the portrait. Ava eavesdrops and hears everything that Nikolas has planned.

Brook Lynn explains to Carly how Valentin got her shares and used them to oust Michael. Valentin walks up and hopes there are no hard feelings. Carly reassures him that Michael will find a way to take back the company.

Chase joins Anna and Finn's wedding preparations. He asks whether or not dear old dad will be invited. Chase mentions that he hasn't told their father about his breakup with Willow. Finn wants to know why Chase hasn't told Willow the truth about their breakup. Chase says Nelle won't give up and if she knows the truth, she'll tell the judge. 

Liz and Nikolas discuss the painting. Liz believes that Ava was responsible while Nikolas feels it wasn't her. Liz complains that Franco has worked so hard to put his past behind him and move forward with her and the boys. 

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Carly offers champagne to Nina and Jax in celebration of Wiley’s custody outcome. She says Nina's testimony swayed the judge in their favor. 

Brook Lynn complains to Valentin that he messed up her relationship with her father and put a drug lord in the hospital. Valentin says Sonny can take care of Cyrus.

Brook Lynn tells Lulu and Dustin that she was kicked out of the house. Lulu can't believe what Brook Lynn did and says she could have warned the Quartermaines.

Anna wonders why Maxie seems a little distracted. Maxie worries that she won't be able to juggle Deception and her kids. Anna says to accept she can't do it all and needs to find balance. 

Liz wants to leave, but Franco says he needs to fix the painting now before too much time goes by. Liz accuses Franco of loving the spotlight again.

Ava tells Franco that Nikolas is plotting against her with Spencer. Franco tells her to get out and walk away. Ava says she'll lose everything and she's completely alone. Franco promises to always be there for her.

Ava confronts Nikolas with what she overheard and how she has no plans to let him out of their marriage. The two argue back and forth, then share a kiss (a Covid kiss, which means move in, commercial, move out, ‘How dare you kiss me'). Ava storms out.