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Perkie's Observations: The 2020 Nurses Ball Supports Front Line Workers on General Hospital

Tristan Rogers, Lisa LoCicero

Tristan Rogers, Lisa LoCicero

Welcome to the 2020 Nurses Ball . . .

Carly, Nina, and Lucy stand on the red carpet, explaining how this year's ball will be a telethon to raise money for front line workers. Everyone attending the ball will man the phone lines while wearing a Nurses Ball 2020 volunteer T-shirt. 

At the hospital, Sam gently warns Jason not to try to leave the hospital. He promises he'll stick around unless there's a serious emergency.

Franco calls Liz, but she says she's on duty and hangs up on him. Liz heads into Jason's room to complain about Franco and how he needs to leave his past in the past. Jason asks if Franco is going back to who he was, but Liz blames Ava for building him up. 

Michael tells Willow she doesn't need to go with him to the ball, but she feels it's even more important this year because it's dedicated to front line workers. The two thank Monica for babysitting Wiley and head out. 

Valentin is the first to arrive at the ball. Carly mentions that Deception is a sponsor. Valentin says Deception will be matching all of the donations. Sonny arrives, ready to double the donations in Stone and Robin's honor. 

When Franco arrives, the ladies ask about Ava's unveiling. Franco says it didn't go as planned. Ava and Nikolas follow, and Ava mentions how it was an honor to be Franco's subject. 

Brook Lynn walks up and says she's debuting a song to promote Deception. Lulu and Dustin mention he co-wrote the song. Olivia and Ned show up behind her. Olivia warns Ned to be nice to Brook Lynn. He promises not to air their dirty laundry in public. 

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Robert arrives and Nina asks what this event means to him. Robert mentions Robin and how the telethon is a great idea for front line workers.

Sam arrives with Spinelli. Carly thanks him for setting up the telethon phones. Michael, Willow, Jordan, and Curtis all arrive, ready to take donations.

Sam talks to Sonny about the Chase/Willow/Michael/Sasha issue. Sonny believes Chase and Sasha faked the break up and is not taking anything at face value.

Lulu's still concerned about Nikolas' scheme. He tells her that Ava overheard and knows the whole truth. 

Spinelli runs into Nelle backstage. She mentions that she's performing at the ball. Nelle wonders how Spinelli is dealing with Maxie being around Peter. She says Shiloh told her a lot about skeevy Petey. 

Nina says Shiloh told her that Peter orchestrated Drew's kidnapping in Afghanistan. She says Shiloh was using it as leverage against Peter. Spinelli's not sure if he should believe her, but Nelle says she has nothing to gain from telling him this.

Spinelli interrupts Olivia's conversation with Robert to update him on this latest information. He says Nelle can connect Shiloh to Peter. 

Jordan gets a call and heads out to the docks where she meets someone, who she says, "Looks good for a dead guy." (We didn't see his face so it's not confirmed that it's Taggert, but heck yeah, that's Taggert!!)

Lucy starts the show and all the volunteers start answering calls for donations.