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The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott Explains "Stumbling Blocks" with Jeanne Cooper

The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) is sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets of the CBS soap. That includes some secret tensions with co-star (and Nikki's on-screen BFF), the late Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor).

In her memoir, MTS said their friendship was "a complicated relationship fueled by paranoia.” She explained further to Smashing Interviews:

Well, we were very, very close until it was revealed to everyone that Edward [Scott] and I were seeing each other. You know, actors are a funny breed. I suppose that I can understand that they would become resentful if they felt that another one of their peers had an unfair advantage in dating the producer, and then of course, marrying the producer.

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I, of course, never looked at it that way. I was completely naïve to that possibility, and some actors did suddenly pull away from me, suddenly become very cold, and unfortunately, Jeanne was one. She was probably the last person I expected that to happen with. And it changed our relationship a great deal. It never really thrived the way it had before that. So, yeah. It became a complicated relationship with all of that backstory. I still loved her desperately, and I know that she did me, too. It just put some stumbling blocks between us.

And what's next for Nikki and Victor (Eric Braeden)? She divulged:

Oh, gosh. As a selfish actor, I’ve always wanted to go absolutely mad and taken to a rubber room and just play insane. Of course, if that happened to Nikki, that would come to an end. She would see her way out of it. But that hasn’t happened, and I have told the writers this many times, and they’re just not giving it to me