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General Hospital's Eden McCoy Explains Why Josslyn Won't "Steal Your Man"

Eden McCoy

General Hospital's Eden McCoy (Josslyn) recently shared that she hopes Josslyn will inherit mom Carly (Laura Wright)'s dark streak. But at the same time, the actress realizes where Josslyn is different from Carly, which she shared with Soap Opera Digest

That means a different approach to a complicated love quad with Cameron (William Lipton), Trina (Sydney Mikayla), and Dev (Ashton Arbab). McCoy divulged:

I think it’s really complicated for Josslyn — and I think people know it would be, because first of all, Trina has history with him and they’re best friends, and Cameron is her best friend and she doesn’t want to overstep, and then she and Trina are also best friends, so it’s just a really weird combo of not knowing what to do and probably acting on that emotion. Maybe she does want to be with him, but what would Trina think? What would Dev think? What are her emotions for Dev? I mean, she made out with him. Where do you really go from there?

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Would Joss be able to deal with her feelings for Cam if he wasn't interested in Trina? McCoy said:

She feels like Cam has always been there and to see him involved with someone else would kind of clarify things for her, but also it makes her look like not the best friend to her best girlfriend, Trina, and I think Josslyn is the kind of person who would take that into account. So I think she’d kind of shove those feelings down. I don’t think she’s the type of person — like Carly, for example — to steal your man!