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Judge Judy Vows to Donate Millions If She Wins Lawsuit

Judge Judy

Judith Sheindlin, AKA Judge Judyhas filed a $22 million suit against Rebel Entertainment Parters, which was suing her for $5 million. And she's resolved to do something great if she wins her case, according to Deadline.

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Deadine reported:

The salvo is a more than $22 million lawsuit seeking declaratory relief and claiming unlawful/unfair business practices and unjust enrichment, to be precise.

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And if Sheindlin wins the $4 million she claims she's lost out on, she plans to donate it all to Stand Up to Cancer. The filing added: 

Lawrence did not package the Judge Judy daytime television series and yet, in what is the most absurd, unconscionable and unlawful purported packaging fee arrangement in the history of television, Lawrence and his agency have been paid in excess of Twenty-Two Million Dollars ($22,000,000) in fees – effectively stealing from the Series’ bona fide profit participants, including Sheindlin. Sheindlin demands that Lawrence return his ill-gotten gains for the good of all of the profit participants in the Series.

The objective facts are that Lawrence did not represent the talent on the one-star program that is Judge Judy; the only people he did represent were two non-writing producers [Kaye Switzer and Sandi Spreckman] fired during the first season leaving them uncompensated for producer fees, and he has not once set foot on the set of the Series in 24 years.

Meanwhile, Rebel's lawyer shot back:

The case is so weak that even if she was the judge, she would lose it.

Read the rest of the details of Her Honor's case, including more about Switzer and Spreckman, here.