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LISTEN: Victoria Rowell Reminisces on The Young and the Restless' Drucilla

Victoria Rowell

Victoria Rowell (ex-Drucilla Winters, The Young and the Restless) recently appeared on with KCRW's Press Play with Madeleine Brand podcast. She looked back on her fan-favorite role and shared why she remained hopeful about daytime.

When asked why so many loved Drucilla, Rowell shared:

The character name, it's actually in the Bible. The character became iconic because she was so relatable to so many people across a variety of ethnic groups. I learned this because I travel. … From Greece to Turkey to Africa — wherever Sony distributed the show — this character really resonated with especially populations of lower socio-economic environments. Not exclusively so, but the character is a pull-her-up-by-the-bootstraps character.

We watched the evolution of this character from being illiterate to an adult literacy program. I asked the powers that be to consider a foster care adoption storyline inspired by my own experience in foster care, and to include classical ballet, hence bringing my alma mater American Ballet Theatre into the fold. 

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Rowell added:

I think with the sweeping changes over at ViacomCBS for diversity, we are beginning to see some wheels change over there. I hope that daytime [television] is included in the conversation. Oftentimes, nobody pays attention to that silly little genre called soap opera. Nothing silly about a $50 million a year budget.

Listen to the full chat below.