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Perkie's Observations: Jordan and Taggert Plot to Take Down Cyrus on General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

Briana Nicole Henry

The 2020 Nurse's Ball continues . . .

Lucy explains the ball is a telethon this year for first responders and everyone mans their phones.

Peter's worried about Maxie, but Anna reassures him that Maxie can juggle all of her responsibilities. Spinelli wants to out Peter to Maxie tonight, but Robert says they need proof of Peter's involvement. 

Portia doesn't understand why Jordan sang Cyrus' praises at the press conference. She complains to Curtis about Cyrus being responsible for Taggert's death. 

On the docks, Jordan questions why Taggert is taking a big risk in coming back to Port Charles. Taggert says he has unfinished business. Jordan reminds him of all the favors she had to request from the bureau, while enlisting Epiphany to help them fake his death. 

Jordan says Taggert's return could make Trina a target again. Taggert says he agreed to sacrifice everything in order to help save TJ. He questions her press conference, but Jordan says she needs Cyrus to believe she's under his thumb.

Taggert says he plans on killing Cyrus after the ball and no one will suspect him since he's allegedly dead. Jordan says she won't let Taggert commit murder and has a plan to bust Cyrus legitimately. 

Jordan asks Taggert to trust her, so he can come back to Trina. Taggert agrees to return to where he's hiding, but tells her to finish this. 

Back at the ball, Lucy tells Maxie she'll be introducing both Deception and Brook Lynn. 

Cameron, Trina and, Josslyn perform. Epiphany, Felix, and Amy sing the praises of front line workers. Lucy says Deception will match every dollar raised and introduces Maxie.

Lulu's trying to help Maxie with her microphone pack and neither realizes that it's already on. Maxie tells Lulu she hasn't found the right moment to tell Peter she's pregnant. Everyone in the Metro Court and in Port Charles hears her announcement. Lucy's quick to head backstage to stop Maxie from talking. 

Brook Lynn gets nervous about her performance. Dustin reassures her that she's a great singer. Brook Lynn's grateful that he's always there to pick her up and questions why they broke up. She grabs Dustin and kisses him, just as Lulu walks in. Dustin gets angry with Brook Lynn and tells her they're just friends. He thinks BLQ has been using the nostalgia as a crutch. He reminds her that she ended things and he has moved on with Lulu. Brook Lynn storms off and behaves like the 15 year old she is. 

Cyrus insists on having his moment in the spotlight and Lucy has no choice but to allow him to speak. Cyrus says he's gotten a bad rap and needs an opportunity to show the town who he really is. 

Peter finds Maxie backstage and wonders why she didn't tell him that she's pregnant. Maxie says she had a dream about kids someday, but that her dream of Deception is now. She's worried about the sacrifice she'll have to make. Peter tells her they're in it together and she won't be giving up any of her dreams.

Mac and Anna arrive to congratulate them. Peter calls Anna grandma. Alone, Anna remembers the conversation she had with Robert when he told her that Peter could be Alex's son.

Cyrus runs into Portia and Curtis. He congratulates Portia on becoming Chief of Internal Medicine and points out how she technically works for him now. Portia is even more upset by this encounter and brings up Taggert. Curtis asks about their relationship, but she says things grew distant between them. Portia admits she couldn't get over Curtis, but it's ancient history now. 

Nina tells Jax she's happy for Maxie, but wonders again about her own child. Jax promises to follow up with his jeweler. The two perform together while Valentin watches from the back of the room. (I like Valentin better when he's not being creepy around Nina.)

TJ and Molly run into Sam and Brando. Unaware of the tension between the women and Brando, TJ chats him up, trying to be friendly. Sam bitchily warns Brando to back off. (Shut up Sam!)

Valentin congratulates Peter and tells him to tell Maxie everything he's keeping secret before it's too late.

Spinelli admits to Robert that tonight is not the night to tell Maxie the truth about Peter.