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The Bold and the Beautiful's Brad Bell Reveals Dolls Will Get Their Own Story

Brad Bell

No, that headline is right. The Bold and the Beautiful's executive producer Brad Bell is giving a storyline to one of his dolls. Now we've heard from Bell in June, when it was announced B&B would return into production in July, how the dolls would be stand-ins for actors due to COVID-19 safety measures in place in order to return on set. 

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Viewers and critics were well aware the dolls were just being used as a new way of filming in the middle of a pandemic but apparently it will be much more. Bell spoke with In The Studio by the BBC, where he was asked what's up with the dolls. He he revealed they will be front and center in more ways than one.

BBC: The one question that has come up consistently amongst cast members and their friends is 'What are you guys doing with the dolls?'

Bell: Well, the dolls are working! They've been kind of a hit with the press. So we're going to lean into the dolls a little bit. We have a storyline coming up that actually involves a doll as a character and not just a stand-in. So that's a little sneak peek into something we've never done before, but under these circumstances you get new ideas for story and this should be a fun one.

BBC: Can you tell us anything more.

Bell: Well it's amazing what some of these artists in L.A. can do. They can make dolls the spitting image of someone so the dolls are just getting started on The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Listen to the interview here.