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Brad Bell Shares How COVID Changed Storytelling on The Bold and the Beautiful

Brad Bell

Brad Bell

The Bold and the Beautiful head honcho Brad Bell has famously pioneered effective measures on set to combat COVID-19. But he's finding that the need for social distancing has actually provided some storytelling opportunities. 

He told Australia’s TV Soap magazine:

Yes, I think there are advantages to our new normal now. We use a smaller crew and cast and fewer people in scenes, which allows for an intimacy that you can’t get into in group scenes. That’s part of the reason I’m very excited about our upcoming shows. 

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Bell added:

We’re playing out the intricacies and complexities of interpersonal relationships. That’s more of what soap operas have always been about. That’s not to say we won;’t have [group scenes]. We have a big meeting about a remote location we’re planning to shoot in the next year. But we will have fewer group scenes in this time of COVID-19, which I think could work to our advantage.

And will COVID come to Forrester Creations anytime soon? Negative! Bell said:

No. I've made the decision for now not to write it into the show. It's everywhere we look when we turn our TVs. B&B will be a break from that, an escape, which we've always tried to provide.