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'Ellen' Employees Now Get Five Paid Days Off



The Ellen DeGeneres Show is giving its employees a bit more time off, according to Variety...with the emphasis on "a bit." Staffers will now have five paid days off to use as they please, be able to take their birthdays off, and receive paid time for doctors' appointments and family matters.

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Variety relates that producers Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner shared the news at the same meeting at which DeGeneres apologized for her behavior. On this same videoconference call, they told employees to not "be afraid," but what exactly that meant was up for interpretation. Variety sources suggest that it could apply to "communication about workplace issues, circumstances surrounding the pandemic, or even rumors that no one should make eye contact with DeGeneres (which she denied)."

The new HR rep promised to the staff has already begun, Variety adds. This person gives "anonymity to workers with grievances and a dedicated advocate." A spokesperson for WarnerMedia declined to make a comment on these matters to the trade paper.