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Lindsay Hartley Shares "Crazy" Circumstances of General Hospital Gig

Lindsay Hartley

Fans loved seeing Lindsay Hartley on our screens again...even if she was only briefly subbing in for General Hospital star Kelly Monaco. Hartley said the opportunity was particularly challenging, since she'd never seen GH before.

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Harley told Soap Opera News:

I didn’t have that much time to prepare. I’ve actually never watched General Hospital. Just because I was part of NBC for so long and you are more familiar with the soaps and the cast from shows on the same network. I wasn’t very familiar with General Hospital and I didn’t know the storyline at all. So, that was a bit crazy but the entire cast and crew were so loving and supportive. They were coming back from break and everybody was in such great spirits to just start up the engine again and produce a show that they are proud of. So, I got to experience that energy.

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And heads up, casting directors! She's more than willing to come back to daytime (and loved a fan's suggestion of her being Sam's long-lost twin!). Hartley explained:

I’d absolutely love to return. Just the few weeks that I was so fortunate to join General Hospital it was so great to be on set. I was just so thankful and I was just so enjoying every second that I had.

Another highlight was reuniting on set with BFF Brook Kerr (Portia; ex-Whitney, Passions). 

Hartley dished:

That was awesome and surreal! I was like this is not happening right now. Like there’s no way I’m standing on a soap opera stage opposite of the girl I used to work with starting over 20 years ago. And she was in a doctor’s coat which made me think of Tracey Ross (Eve Russell), who played her mom. So, it kind of messed with me a little bit. It was crazy but we did it! I don’t know how. I’m not going to lie.