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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Pressures Julian For Help on General Hospital

Chloe Lanier

Chloe Lanier

The Nurse's Ball 2020 continues . . . 

Nelle tells Julian about her plan to grab Wiley and take off with him. Julian reminds her she's on parole, but Nelle will not be kept away from her son. Julian refuses to help her, but Nelle reminds him she can tell Sonny he knew about Wiley's paternity. Julian agrees to help her. 

Dustin apologizes to Lulu for Brook Lynn's kiss. Lulu complains how BLQ pushes boundaries, but understands why she felt abandoned by her father. 

Olivia reminds Ned he turned his back on his daughter even though she made a mistake. Ned counters that Brook Lynn betrayed the family. The two then perform on stage. 

Anna tells Finn about Maxie's pregnancy. She thinks this will be good for Peter so he can finally put his past behind him.

Martin tells Valentin he wants a position as corporate counsel for ELQ. Valentin offers Michael VP of Green Initiatives, which surprises him. Valentin wants Michael to join him in creating new success and to make more money. 

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Jax complains to Nina about Valentin taking over ELQ. Nina tells him to stay out of it. She says Valentin will feel the need to prove himself. 

Valentin performs a long song. Later, he apologizes to Nina, saying he only wanted her to be happy. She says the ends don't justify the means. 

Ava complains to Nikolas about Liz giving her the evil eye. Nikolas heads onstage and makes an announcement that he's donating a million dollars to research and a million to the telethon. Nikolas also announces he's endowing a scholarship for future nursing students in Elizabeth's name. 

Franco is not happy with Nikolas' interest in Liz, but he says he just made a dedication to his old friend. Jax thanks Nikolas for his generous donation. Franco and Nikolas argue until Jax breaks it up. 

Liz accidentally eavesdrops as Nina and Ava talk. Nina mentions that Valentin's song affected her. Ava understands about men getting under their skin. Nina asks about Nikolas and Liz. Ava says if Nikolas cheats, then it gives her his money. 

Julian heads to the Quartermaines. Nelle calls him to give him instructions on how to grab Wiley, which Brook Lynn overhears. BLQ accuses Nelle of child endangerment and says she's going to tell the police what Nelle's doing. 

Julian breaks in, knocks out Monica, and heads to Wiley's room.

Nelle says she won't let Brook Lynn out her, grabs a pair of scissors, and swings at her.