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Réal Andrews Teases "Amazing Storylines" to Come on General Hospital

Real Andrews

Lieutenant Marcus Taggert is alive on General Hospital! Portrayer Réal Andrews shared the unexpected joys of resuming his fan-favorite role in a recent Crowdcast live-stream. He revealed he thought the character was dead, too.

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He shared:

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You know, Taggert was dead. I mean, for real. Taggert was dead, and because of y’all’s support and passion, Taggert was brought back. You know, the writers did an amazing job of bringing him back but truly, you guys were a massive part of bringing Taggert back.

He's back filming and is really psyched for new material, saying:

Even yesterday we were filming, and me, Maurice [Benard, Sonny], and Steve [Burton, Jason] were doing some great stuff. They’ve got some amazing storylines coming your way, so y’all are going to be really happy. And even Steve was like, 'Man, I haven't seen Maurice so happy in a long time.' And that’s just how we roll.

And will Taggert reunite with ex Portia (Brook Kerr) or find a new lady love? Andrews divulged:

Here’s the deal. I don’t think anybody is going to be having a love life right now with the pandemic, so it’s going to be some love lives from a six-foot distance. So we were just actually talking about that the other day on the set, because it’s a whole different world we live in now. Everybody’s got a mask on. They take the mask off right before we shoot. So it’s a whole different thing but yeah, I honestly don’t know about that.