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The Real's Jeannie Mai Credits "Black Culture" for "Style and Swag"

Jeannie Mai

The Real's Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Houghton are embarking on a new initiative. The co-hosts will showcase their respective shopping hauls from Black businesses on YouTube, partnering with entertainment corporation Kin.

Mai told Black Enterprise:

My whole childhood I have been inspired by Black culture. I attribute a lot of my style and swag to the Black culture. Which is why I also need to be proactive about the need for change. I need to speak up against system oppression and injustice. And I need to be responsible as a consumer to promote Black entrepreneurs and business owners to help the community flourish.

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Houghton added:

I found myself purchasing [items] from Black-owned businesses throughout the last two months and [there are] Black-owned businesses that I have been a fan of prior [to these events] that I have mentioned on All Things Adrienne and I decided to bring more attention to them. I thought it would be a fun way to get the messaging out there and explain why its so important to support Black-owned businesses and to continue to bring money into the Black community so we can level the playing field.