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WATCH: General Hospital's Bradford Anderson Teases the Nurses Ball

Bradford Anderson

General Hospital's Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) sat down with Sacramento, California's ABC affiliate, ABC10, for a catch-up. The actor discussed working back at GH and how he's hanging in during COVID with Aubrey Aquino on Your California Life. 

Anderson shared that he lives in Sacramento and loved hanging out at his community pool during a recent heat wave. But that doesn't mean he's been idle during self-isolation. He dished:

And I’ve been able to keep busy. Me and my buddy Steve Burton [Jason] from General Hospital, we’ve kept going with our podcast, we started some YouTube shows. We miss going out on the road with our comedy show, so we’re trying to make up for it in any way we can.

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What's coming up for Spinelli? Anderson teased:

Right away, we go into the iconic Nurses Ball, and that happens this week. Spinelli shows up a little bit. There’s some great performances, some great drama, as GH fans have come to expect, but it’s just wonderful. Any sense of normalcy that we can kind of experience once again is pretty lovely and, you know, General Hospital is a big part of a lot of people’s lives and we’re happy to be back.

Watch the full segment below.