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The Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria's Power Grab Rocks Genoa City

Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle

On Wednesday, Victoria hit the airwaves for a press conference on The Young and the Restless. Genoa City citizens paused life to gather around their devices of choice. No need to miss the latest gossip from one of Wisconsin's top business moguls!

Victoria starts out by saying she's fully back in charge after recovering from her recent injuries.

Victor and Adam catch her as shading dear old dad by talking about how she will draw on lessons learned from him. She's asking herself the tough questions and finding answers by looking closer at Newman's core values.

Adam senses the dark storm clouds gathering as he worries about whether or not she's gonna spill his tea. He turns to Victor and tells him, "She's gonna do it!"

Victoria has other surprises awaiting the news-hungry viewers. Guess who's waiting in the wings away from the eyes of the cameras? Abbott men Jack and Billy! What, what? Oh wait, it's time for the big announcement . . .

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Amelia Heinle, Jason Thompson, Peter Bergman

Amelia Heinle, Jason Thompson, Peter Bergman

Newman operations will return to its larger mission. This means unloading successful, yet distracting, divisions. Jabot will buy Newman Cosmetics and Chancellor Communications will get their media division.

Phyllis gives a virtual high five to anyone who puts the screws to old Victor. Chelsea breathes a sigh of relief, and Nicholas and Nikki now know why Victoria was so secretive about her plans.

Adam tells Victor that his daughter is calling the shots now and nothing can be done about it. Victor, who always gets the last laugh, remarks, "We'll see about that son."

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