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Is Nick Cannon Getting Back Together with ViacomCBS?

Nick Cannon

Is ViacomCBS is open to rekindling its relationship with future talk show host Nick CannonVariety has speculated since the media giant stopped working with Cannon over his recent anti-Semitic comments. 

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The discussion came after Chris McCarthy, president of entertainment and youth brands at ViacomCBS, spoke about at a town hall this past Monday. McCarthy praised the work Cannon has done since making those remarks and stated he is "hopeful" that ViacomCBS and Cannon can make amends. 

McCarthy said:

Let me start with stating the important and hopefully obvious fact – what Nick said was wrong, hurtful, and it was offensive. We have to stand up for our values – clear and simple. Hate against one of us is hate against any of us and Nick’s comments were anti-Semitic. So, we needed to stand up to that and we did that which was the right thing to do.

I don’t know if anyone has been following Nick’s journey since the incident – I have, and the thing that’s unique about Nick – different from many others, is that Nick owned it. He apologized, he said it was wrong. He has since been on a journey of learning and understanding, and more importantly, he is using his voice to help educate other people and is becoming an advocate on this issue. This is consistent with the Nick I’ve known for ten years.

A source told Variety McCarthy and Cannon have chatted in recent weeks, but no plans are in place for a reconciliation quite yet. A rep did not respond to the trade paper. McCarthy added:

I am hopeful we find a way to bring these two things together and hopefully we will have the opportunity to do that with Nick again.