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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Stabs Brook Lynn and Steals Wiley on General Hospital

Briana Lane

Briana Lane

The Nurse's Ball 2020 continues . . .

Nelle cuts Brook Lynn's throat with the scissors and leaves her in a pool of blood. 

Julian knocks out Monica and grabs Wiley. He sends Nelle a text that the job is done. Nelle heads out to join him. 

Liz continues to listen as Nina and Ava talk. Nina chastises Ava for messing with Franco's marriage, but she denies it. Nina says Ava looks at Nikolas like there's something brewing, but Ava denies that as well. 

Michael tells Willow that he plans on taking ELQ back from Valentin, but believes Valentin won't cause the company any harm in the meantime. The two get tired of manning the phones and head home. 

Amy tells Lucy that Jordan is working and can't do her act. Lucy has a little meltdown, then tells Amy to get her act with the other nurses ready.

Anna congratulates Valentin on his number. He congratulates her about Peter's upcoming fatherhood.

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Olivia and Ned continue to argue about Brook Lynn and ELQ. Olivia says Ned is turning into Edward and he needs to talk to BLQ.

Lulu and Dustin offer to go and look for Brook Lynn. 

Robert tells Olivia the WSB will allow her to see Dante, but they have to leave first thing in the morning. Ned sees them hug. When Ned confronts Olivia, she tells him about the opportunity to see Dante. Ned offers to go with her, but Olivia says he's not allowed. 

Anna speaks and thanks everyone for their generosity. She says the ball is special to her because of Robin. Anna talks about all the front line workers and how important they are.

Liz tells Franco that Ava is playing games with their marriage. Franco says Nikolas is the one playing them.

Michael and Willow find Monica passed out on the couch. Monica eventually wakes up, confused as to what happened. Willow checks on Wiley and finds him gone. 

Lulu and Dustin find Brook Lynn on the floor. Lulu runs to get Ned and Olivia. Paramedics take Brook Lynn away. 

The nurses, including Deanna, Amy, and Epiphany perform the final number, and Lucy closes the ball. 

Julian meets Nelle on the docks and pulls a gun on her. (Shoot, dog nab it!) (Actually, I like Chloe so I don't want Nelle dead, but there's literally no reason for Julian, former mobster, to keep her alive at this point.)