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LISTEN: Christian LeBlanc Dishes on The Young and the Restless' Resilience

Christian LeBlanc

The Young and the RestlessChristian LeBlanc (Michael) is not only an actor; he's also a visual artist. The New Orleans resident delved into his various career moves and how oysters inspired him when he chatted with Poppy Tooker on her New Orleans Public Radio program Louisiana Eats

When Tooker noted that Y&R's survival is remarkable, LeBlanc explained:

Well, you know, you're in the media too. Everything shakes out now, with multimedia, with the Internet, with these multiple sources of programming, which kind of, for an actor and for everybody, you have so many channels--if you look at it the other way, artists, musicians--to get your work out there and to be noticed and get an audience. But we were just renewed for four years and New Orleans, lucky for me, is a prime, huge market. And I’ve told you, and told everyone since I've ever ever done this, is 'be famous where your parents are' because that’s the only point to the whole thing.

LeBlanc began his art career as a means of paying his way in Los Angeles. He shared:

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It all comes from being unemployed and not a good unemployed person, and I will find things to do, to make money. I substitute taught in Los Angeles because I was pre-med at Tulane and had enough credits, and I started being put in kindergarten because apparently I have the personality for it.

He began to draw commissions for other teachers' families and then continued his career from there. His latest exhibit, Wet, is all drawings of oysters, for which N.O. is famous. Le Blanc recalled:

I did [restaurateur] Dooky Chase while he was sitting at a bar. [His wife, legendary chef] Leah used to come and I’d come and watch her cook--that’s all I wanted--because they watched the show. It was like an entrée, and I love that part. And the first artist I knew was my mother, because first off, she raised eight kids. But she also won a cooking contest in New Orleans, where all the chefs at Brennan’s and all that judged and she won for spinach oyster soup. And when she died, we laminated the recipe and that’s what we gave out with the holy card.

Listen to the full discussion below.