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Perkie's Observations: Taggert Gets Shot In a Struggle With Julian on General Hospital

Réal Andrews

Réal Andrews

Brook Lynn is taken to the hospital and needs emergency surgery. Portia updates Ned and Olivia that Brook Lynn was barely alive when she was brought in, and is in critical condition. Chase questions Ned and Olivia. Ned admits there's animosity between him and Brook Lynn.

Olivia doesn't want Chase to think Ned was involved, but he says he just wants a timeline for what happened to Brook Lynn. Chase asks about enemies and Olivia mentions Linc.

Julian holds a gun on Nelle. He says she can't let her take Wiley and should have ended this long ago. (Stop talking and shoot already!) Nelle counters that in the event of her death, Martin has documents that prove how Julian helped Brad, causing the Brucas accident. (Uhm, what documents exactly?)

Julian's ready to shoot her when he's grabbed from behind by Taggert (who apparently is now living on the PC docks). Julian drops his car keys, which Nelle grabs, and runs off. Julian and Taggert fight over the gun, which goes off, hitting Taggert. Julian runs off after dropping the gun in the water. 

Michael finds the chloroform hanky and realizes that Monica was drugged. He calls 911 and then Carly. 

Jason gets a call from the PCPD. The report from his accident shows there was a problem with the stabilizer. Sam gets rabies in her belief that Brando sabotaged the bike. Jason doesn't believe it. 

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Carly thanks Nina again for testifying against Nelle, which allowed Millow to win custody. Nina admits to Jax that she feels badly for Nelle. 

Carly gets the call from Michael and heads over to the mansion. Chase is there (he's a busy guy tonight). He says he has an amber alert out on Nelle, but she likely had a one hour head start. 

Sonny and Brando head over to the bar to confront Julian. Julian has already seen the amber alert and swears he knows nothing of Nelle's plans. Sonny wonders if Julian will be meeting up with Nelle at some point. Again, Julian denies it, though Brando finds a go bag in the back. Sonny promises retribution if he finds out Julian helped Nelle. 

Nina now realizes how toxic Nelle is and tells Jax that she should have realized it before. She has respect for Willow for being such a good mother. 

Ned and Olivia sit and wait for news on Brook Lynn. Ned is upset with the way he left things and how he put the company ahead of her. Olivia reassures him that Brook is tough and will pull through. Portia arrives with an update. 

Chase tells Michael that Nelle's apartment has been cleared out and her car was found abandoned in a used car lot. Nelle's driving an unknown car. 

Carly calls Jason to update him. Jason calls Spinelli to have him ping Nelle's phone. Jason follows the ping to the docks, where he finds Taggert.