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WATCH: Lindsay Arnold Talks Holding Back Tears on Days of Our Lives

Days of Our LivesLindsay Arnold (Allie Horton) stopped by Dishin' Days to dish about what's going on in Salem. She has held her own against some powerhouses, including Allie's grandma Marlena (Deidre Hall), but that doesn't mean Arnold hasn't felt intimidated at times.

She shared that she was "pretty nervous" to film opposite the legendary Hall, remembering:

Deidre’s funny, too, because she’ll correct you on your posture. She’ll correct you on your grammar. So I have horrible posture. I know this, I’m constantly working on fixing it, and during one of our first scenes, I was sitting slouched. 

I also had that pregnant belly and it was weighing me down. It was not just my fault; this thing was weighing me down.I was tired and we had a scene and she just went like this [gestures]. She pushed me up and she was like, 'Posture!' and I was like, 'I'm going to cry.'

As time went on, though, Arnold has relaxed into the role, saying:

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But then, as we did more and more scenes, I got way less nervous because she's genuinely so, so nice and helpful because it was my first time doing any sort of soap and it’s so different from anything else.

And what are her thoughts on Allie's complex character? She shared:

I think she just feels like she’s screwed up so much and she doesn’t deserve happiness a little bit. And I think she’s just scared of the idea of allowing herself to be happy ‘cause she just doesn't think she deserves it. I really love how, deep down, she really does want to do what’s best and she’s very sensitive, but she’s annoying at times, for sure.

Watch the full chat below.