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Camila Banus Explains Decision to Stay at Days of Our Lives

Camila Banus

Days of Our Lives actress Camila Banus (Gabi) is speaking out on her decision to leave the long-running daytime drama and choice to return. Last month, Daytime Confidential broke the news about Banus deciding to exit DAYS in order to pursue primetime but the actress ultimately decided to stay due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting pilot season. 

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In an interview with, Banus explains her choice to leave DAYS and that she needed "a break" from the sudser. Banus revealed,

You all know I worked really hard last year on DAYS. I was pretty featured, and to be honest with you, there were a couple of reasons that I came to the conclusion of needing to take a break. For me, any time I leave the show, it’s never felt like it’s a definite thing. It’s always been something like I need some space from this partner (laughs). I didn’t know for how long, but I knew that I wanted to have my pilot season open and available for any opportunity that might present itself.

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Banus went on to explain, once pilot season was a wash, she and DAYS started to negotiate her contract. Banus stated,

I’m happy and grateful I have a home at Days of our Lives. I have a home there that is not only the show, but just the amazing people that make it happen. It’s been back and forth. We had been negotiating and we got it confirmed.

What would Banus like to see happen with Gabi? The actress discussed wanting to see a bit more of the Hernandez family onscreen and "diversity and realness" on the show.  Banus explained how she will be bringing the conversation more to the forefront due to being overlooked by the Latinx community for her contributions to DAYS. Banus said,

I'm going to be talking about that. I'm going to be kinda exposing things like that, I'm going to be talking about how come they've been— me especially, a very Latina woman, I consider myself extremely Latina, I speak Spanish half of the day. I don't feel like anyone has ever noticed I've represented Latinos on NBC for almost a decade or nobody even cares. Especially when we talk about, or Latino groups talk about 'Hey, we need more diversity.' People at least recognize the people that are doing these things.