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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn's Condition Is Touch and Go on General Hospital

Wally Kurth, Briana Lane

Wally Kurth, Briana Lane

Portia updates Ned and Olivia. Brook Lynn survived her injuries, but her blood pressure dropped and she lost a lot of blood. The surgery was aborted until she can be stabilized. Portia says will need a massive blood transfusion before they can finish the procedure. 

Cyrus pops by to offer his sympathies to Ned and Olivia. He assures them they have all of the hospital's resources at their disposal. Cyrus asks Portia for an update on Brook Lynn, but she reminds him of patient-doctor confidentiality. Cyrus reminds Portia that he's her boss. (Is he though? Does the chairman of the board make hiring and firing decisions?)

Liz complains to Franco that Ava is pushing Nikolas towards her to get him to cheat. Franco believes that Nikolas is the one doing the pushing. He says Nikolas is not a good guy. Liz counters that Ava doesn't care about their marriage. 

Ava stops in to see Julian after she sees the amber alert. Julian admits everything to her, knocking out Monica, taking Wiley, and letting Nelle leaving with the boy. Ava reminds Julian he should have taken care of Nelle long ago.

Ava asks if Nelle said anything useful. Julian remembers something about the tracker in the stuffed animal, and wants to help. Ava says if Julian gives the police the information, they'll find Nelle and she'll point the finger at him. Ava says Nelle needs to be taken care of. 

Chase updates CarSon and Michael on what little they currently have, and promises to get Wiley back. Sonny promises Michael that he has his own resources and Nelle won't be able to hide. 

Nina stops by the mansion to offer Willow support. She offers to wait with her, which Willow is grateful for, but confused about. Willow admits she's terrified of Wiley being with Nelle. Nina reassures her that Nelle won't harm the child.

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Olivia calls Sonny to let him know about Brook Lynn. Sonny updates the others. Carly is quick to point the finger at Nelle since the two would have been backstage at the same time and neither ended up performing. 

Michael calls Willow and tells her about Brook Lynn. Willow becomes even more worried believing this will motivate Nelle to disappear even harder. Willow worries they'll never find Wiley. Nina reassures her and tells her to have hope. 

Liz questions Nikolas about Franco and Ava, and how they seem to be getting closer. She asks if Nikolas can give her perspective. Nikolas says he's suspicious of the two and Liz needs to find someone worthy of her. 

Franco questions Ava about their closeness. Ava admits he's her friend and she's glad they've gotten closer. 

Julian is brought into the station and questioned. He tells Chase he has no idea where Nelle is and she didn't confide in him. (Which, technically, is true!)

Chase remembers that Nelle had fake passports made and puts a warrant out under the aliases as well. He learns that Nelle bought a used car using the alias and figures they're now on her trail. 

Sonny gets to the hospital. He tells Olivia that Nelle grabbed Wiley and they believe she attacked Brook Lynn. Sonny wants to know when Brook Lynn will be able to tell them if it was Nelle. Portia says the injury is severe and Brook Lynn may not be able to talk. 

Ned sits and talks to Brook Lynn, hoping she knows how much he loves her. Brook Lynn opens her eyes. 

Nelle gets lost and stops the car to check out a map. A woman comes jogging by and gives Nelle directions. After Nelle leaves, the woman spots the amber alert on her phone.