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Sherri Shepherd on The View: "They Offered Me Less Than Elisabeth Hasselbeck"

Sherri Shepherd

The View grad Sherri Shepherd is speaking out about her time on the show. She discussed the challenges and benefits of working there with People magazine.

She shared:

It was the most painful experience that I've ever gone through, but it was the best experience. Barbara [Walters] was so hard on me. I cried for three years in my dressing room because she was so hard on me, but she did it out of love.

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The View taught the veteran actress how to advocate for herself monetarily. She said:

I thank Rosie O'Donnell to this day because when I was being asked to join The View, they offered me less than Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who had only done Survivor and worked for Puma, making the tennis shoes.

O’Donnell shared important salary info with her, which helped her negotiate her own fees, she said in the article. Of Hassebeck, she added:

Now, I love my girl. She was my bridesmaid [at Shepherd’s wedding in 2011 to Lamar Sally, which ended in divorce in 2014]. But there was no way I should have been offered less than Elisabeth Hasselbeck with my credits. I just didn't know.