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General Hospital's Maurice Benard Calls Mike  Storyline the "Best Work I’ve Ever Done"

Maurice Benard, Max Gail

Maurice Benard, Max Gail

General Hospital actor Maurice Benard (Sonny) is currently engaged in a heart-wrenching storyline. Sonny is caring for his father, Mike (Max Gail), and must watch his parent struggle through the final stages of Alzheimer's disease. 

Discussing a particularly poignant scene where Sonny had to feed Mike, Benard told Soap Opera Digest:

Yeah, I got chills when you even said that because I haven’t watched it. I think it’s too much for me right now. But I remember doing it and thinking — and I told people this — that it was the best work I’ve ever done. It was the best work because it was so easy. Even though it was hard, and those emotions were difficult, it was so easy, going into it was easy, because with beautiful writing, boom, it’s easy. He’s brilliant, so we just kind of did it.

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Their chemistry comes from a good working relationship. Benard explained:

Well, we have a kind of thing, like he’ll say to me, ‘What about trying this?’ or, ‘Why don’t you do that, because I think maybe it’ll be good, what do you think?’ ‘Yeah, yeah.’ Or I’ll say to him, ‘Max, I think maybe you should do this.’ That’s all we do, not anything more than that. We don’t talk too much. He’s so real in what he’s doing that it just kills me, breaks my heart.

Could another Emmy be in the cards for Mo, due to his moving performances? Stay tuned...