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Perkie's Observations: Michael Cracks the Code to Nelle's Phone on General Hospital

Chad Duell

Chad Duell

Brook Lynn is awake. Ned apologizes for treating her the way he did and throwing her out. Sonny and Olivia come in and, Sonny asks if Nelle was the one who attacked her and Brook Lynn nods. Dr. Fisher shoos everyone out and tells Brook Lynn she's not allowed to speak to help her recovery.

Jason takes Taggert to his safe house and calls Epiphany for medical help. Pif says the bullet went through him and patches Taggert up. Jason realizes that Pif knew Taggert was alive and likely helped fake his death. She tells Jason to respect her secrets and help get Taggert back to safety. 

Jax stops by the mansion to check in on Nina and Willow. Willow continues to worry about Wiley being alone with Nelle. Jax reassures her that someone will likely see the amber alert. 

Police find Nelle's phone, but it's locked. Michael tries to unlock it, but can't find the right combination. Chase gets a call from the woman who saw Nelle and heads out to get her information. 

Sasha stops by the PCPD where Carly thanks her for her sacrifice, again. Sasha admits she wouldn't have made a very good stepmother and Wiley is better off with Willow. 

Olivia calls Willow to confirm that Nelle attacked Brook Lynn before grabbing Wiley. Willow worries about Nelle's viciousness, but Nina promises that Nelle won't hurt Wiley, again. 

Sonny heads over to the safe house and is surprised to find Taggert alive. Jason explains he found him and Epiphany helped. Sonny figures Jordan was also in on it, but wonders why Taggert came back. Taggert wakes up and explains about saving the girl on the pier, but he doesn't know who shot him or who the girl was. Sonny wants to know how he's alive.

Sasha stops by the mansion and offers her condolences to Willow. After she leaves, Nina is surprised that Willow seems to have forgiven Sasha. Willow says she misses Sasha as a friend and knows she made the wrong choice. 

Michael pays Brook Lynn a visit and apologizes for bringing Nelle into their lives. He mentions he's trying to unlock Nelle's phone. Brook Lynn remembers what Nelle told her about the tracker and whispers the information to Michael.

Michael's even more desperate to get into the phone. He tries various birthdays, then remembers Nelle told him the day of her kidney is significant to her. Michael tries that date and gets into the phone. He finds the tracker and knows where Nelle is. 

Ned sits with Brook Lynn and reminds her not to speak because it will cause further damage to her vocal cords. Ned doesn't know about her whispering to Michael. 

Michael is on Nelle's trail.

Nelle stops off at a house and tells Wiley that no one will find them. Nelle opens her bag and spots the kangaroo. She realizes the tracker has been there the whole time.