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Comedian Judy Gold Discusses "Double Standard" on 'Ellen'

Comedian Judy Gold told Page Six that she's not surprised by rumors of a toxic workplace at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to Gold, one writer said that "the happiest day of their life was when they cleaned up their desk and got to leave" the chatfest.

However, Gold posited that a gender double standard might apply to host Ellen DeGeneres. She stated:

Look here’s the deal, yes there’s a double standard. A woman like that is a bitch and a man like that is ambitious, great fine.

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She added that DeGeneres' on-screen persona seemingly contradicts her alleged behavior, saying:

But it’s coming from multiple sources and when your public persona is be kind to everyone … And it’s your show!

Gold also recounted the rumors that staffers were not allowed to look at DeGeneres, which the host has since denied. Gold said:

That was one of the first things I had ever heard! I was like, ‘Really?! Who says you can’t look at me? Doesn’t she say it at the end of the show? Be kind, be kind. You know, come on!’