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General Hospital's James Patrick Stuart Reveals Unusual Love Scene Advice

James Patrick Stuart, General Hospital

General Hospital's James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) is looking back on his earliest days on soaps with Soap Opera Digest. JPS first won fans over as Will Cortlandt on All My Children, a role in which he experienced some major firsts.

Reminiscing on a picture of himself with Robin Christopher (ex-Skye), Stuart noted he did his first-ever love scene with the actress. He shared the unique advice he got on set:

I’d never had a love scene before, so I started working out like an insane person. This was spring or summer in New York, so of course I’m dripping all over poor Robin Christopher! I remember doing that love scene; I was so uncomfortable, and I’m sure she was, too, and I remember Henry Kaplan, the director, was like, Can you not breathe so heavy? It’s nauseating!' In those days, the control room at All My Children, they had this rule where the camera guys had headsets and the talent was never allowed to go near the headsets, because they reserved the right to say the most horrible things behind your backs!

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Stuart also enjoyed playing a prank or two on James Mitchell, who played Will's uncle Palmer. Mitchell used to write out his lines and stick them up all over Palmer's desk and library set. Once they got to know one another, Stuart said:

I would occasionally mix them up during a lunch break, just to see those big saucer eyes when the cameras started rolling!