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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Slips From Carly's Grasp on General Hospital

Laura Wright, Chloe Lanier

Laura Wright, Chloe Lanier

Sonny wants to know why Taggert is back. Taggert says he's protecting his family. Sonny says everyone believes Taggert is dead, so he should take the opportunity to kill Cyrus. Taggert says he's already spoken to Jordan and doesn't want to burden her. 

Taggert wants Jason to take out Cyrus so he can come back for Trina. Taggert says he has to disappear again and asks Sonny to watch over Trina. Sonny agrees to protect her.
Sonny and Jason discuss how to get rid of Cyrus. 

Michael calls Carly and lets her know he has a lead on Nelle and is going after her. Nelle finds the tracker and realizes that she's in trouble. Michael gets to the house and Nelle cracks him over the head with a vase. 

Michael demands to know where Wiley is and promises Nelle that he'll keep her in Wiley's life if she tells him. Nelle says Carly runs Michael's life and won't allow him to share Wiley. Nelle says Michael never stood up for her. Michael threatens Nelle by saying he will send Sonny after her. Michael finds Wiley in bed and Nelle takes off. 

Portia tells Brook Lynn that her progress is excellent, but she needs to rest. She says they don't know the extent of the damage to her vocal cords, but warns her again to not talk.

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Curtis talks to Jordan about the night Taggert was shot and how he wishes he had done things differently. Jordan reassures him that Taggert knew what he was doing. 

Joss and Trina bring up a subject from 899 months ago . . . Cameron's feelings for Joss. Joss however, thinks Cameron behaves differently around Trina. Trina admits that she and Cameron kissed, but Trina downplays it.

Ned complains to Olivia about how he treated Brook Lynn. Olivia tells him to learn from his mistakes. Ned is grateful for the chance to make things right. 

Jason stops by the PCPD to let Jordan know he saw Taggert and he wants an explanation. 

Carly and Jax show up at the cabin. Carly tells Michael that this can't happen again and Nelle needs to be stopped. Carly decides to go after Nelle and finds her. (Seriously Nelle, you should have been long gone by now.)

Carly tells Nelle that she'll be going to prison for attacking Brook Lynn. Nelle says Carly pushed her to this point. She says Carly is her sister and should have loved her. Carly counters it was Nelle who kept pushing until she destroyed things. Carly tells Nelle to take responsibility and turn herself in. She says to do the right thing for Wiley.

Nelle challenges Carly to come and get her. She runs off and falls over an embankment. Carly reaches over to grab Nelle's hand, but Nelle falls.