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The Young and the Restless Recap: Billy's Scoop Worries Amanda and Lily

Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson

Amanda (Mishael Morgan) runs into Nate (Sean Dominic) at the Grand Phoenix whilst he's enjoying an evening cocktail. Amanda launches into how ChancComm (sorry, I can't claim credit for this name) is never dull with Billy (Jason Thompson) around. She calls him a lawsuit waiting to happen. She talks about how Billy's gung ho to run a story that has unsubstantiated claims about people who have armies of lawyers. Of course, she can't give out too many deets on the subject. Amanda admits the story could put them on the map if they can work through all the facts first. Nate reminds her of a saying about gamblers, which pretty much sums up our Billy Abbott. Nate picks up on a certain spark that Amanda has when she talks about Billy and his risky habits.

At ChancComm, Billy wonders if Lily (Christel Khalil) is mad at him. She claims she was making a point they will need real proof . . . unimpeachable, holds up in court kind of proof. She questions how personal this story is to him and worries this may look like a vendetta. Lily is taking the hardline approach to protect their company. She tells him not to print a syllable until she signs off on it (I sense this will not go Lily's way). Billy is a bit put off by her demands, but he claims her reservations will disappear when she sees how big the story will be.

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