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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Fills Jason In on Her Plans on General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry, Steve Burton

Briana Nicole Henry, Steve Burton

Carly tells Jax that Nelle fell. She swears she tried to save her. Jax says the police may not believe her. Jax tells her to tell the police they fought and Nelle took off. 

Jordan meets with Jason on the pier. (Uhm, did they leave the comfort of her office where they were at the end yesterday, then drive to the pier separately to have this conversation?) Jason wants to know how she faked Taggert's death. 

Jordan explains the deal with Taggert is to protect Trina. Jason says Taggert cares about her and got out of town so Jordan could handle things. Jason says he believes the motorcycle accident happened on purpose. Jordan says almost no one knows Taggert's alive, including Curtis. Jason says she needs to trust Curtis, but Jordan says she's trapped and needs to figure out a way out on her own. Jason offers to help her out. 

Portia talks to Curtis about Trina's performance at the Nurses Ball. Curtis mentions proposing to Jordan at the ball. The two make small talk about her marriage and Curtis's involvement. Curtis says he stopped trusting her when he found out she was married. 

Dante has more dreams about "completing the mission." His doctor says his superiors want him to go home. They want Dante for a mission that's close to him. Dante figures it's about Sonny and tells the doctor where he can shove it. The doctor feels Dante needs to start treatment if he's staying, so Dante agrees.

Sonny gets to the cabin and Michael updates him. Valerie arrives (holy cow, a Valerie sighting) to take Michael's statement. Valerie offers to call Willow. Michael tells Valerie that Carly and Jax went after Nelle. Sonny drives Michael and Wiley back. (Uhm, who's going to drive Michael's car back since he drove there too?)

Lulu stops by the mansion to keep Willow company and is there when she gets the call that Wiley is safe. (I truly didn't understand the point of this scene.)

Sam tells Alexis she's upset with Jason for checking out of the hospital. Alexis and Sam discuss Neil . . . guess who shows up at the door?

Carly tells Jax if they find Nelle's body, her DNA will be all over her. Carly worries about a cover up. Jax says the police will come after her to get to Sonny and he doesn't want that to happen. Carly and Jax head back to the cabin. Valerie is ready to hear what happened to Nelle. 

Michael takes Wiley home to Willow. (I know they can't show a child since the Wiley actor is not actually on set, but we're supposed to believe Michael got home with Wiley and didn't wake up Willow? She had to wake up and hear him on the monitor and go up to the room to check. Eeeesh.)