Perkie's Observations: Neil Falls Prey to Alexis' Fly Trap on General Hospital!

Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan

Valerie questions Carly, who claims Nelle got the best of her and took off. Jax claims he came upon Carly after Nelle had left. Valerie wants to know if Carly hurt her because Nelle will have bruises on her body when she's found. Carly admits Nelle may have scratches, but that's it.

Valerie says this isn't just another case to her and knows the family needs closure. She promises to find Nelle and bring her to justice. Carly tells Jax that Millow need to know the truth, but he says they would become accessories after the fact when is Nelle is found. Carly says she's telling Sonny. 

Sonny pays Mike a visit and tells him that he's happy with the time they've spent together. Sonny says he knows it's coming to an end. Sonny tells Mike not to stick around for him and to do what he needs to do. 

Michael explains to Willow about the tracker in the stuffed toy thanks to Brook Lynn's information. Willow's just grateful that Michael was able to rescue Wiley. Willow explains about everyone that stopped by to keep her company, including Sasha. 

Willow says she wishes she had gone with Michael since they are stronger together. (Well, I don't know about stronger, but they are certainly more boring together.) Michael's just happy that it's all over and everyone is safe. The two share a Covid kiss. 

Neil says he misses Alexis and wants to be friends. She counters that she wants more than just friendship from him. The two Covid kiss, then have Covid sex. In the afterglow, Alexis says they no longer have any excuse to keep their distance. Neil agrees that they can take this at their own pace. 

Valentin's talking with Nina when Sam confronts him about getting the kids' shares. Valentin reminds Sam he gave her what she wanted . . . a new parole officer. Sam whines that she didn't know it meant ousting Michael from the company. 

Valentin says he's making good business moves and he will give Michael a position when he's ready. Sam says he's punishing Michael and explains to Nina that Michael knew Sasha wasn't her daughter. Sam says Michael was going to come forward, which is why Valentin is punishing him. 

After Sam (and her giant lips, good Lord, I usually don't notice things like that, but they are just way too much) storms off, Nina wants to know what Valentin did to get Sam a new parole officer. Valentin claims someone owed him a favor. Nina's not happy with all the lies.

Valentin complains about Jax, but Nina says he treats like an equal and mentions that they're looking for her child. Valentin says he used every resource to find the child and didn't, and believes Jax will come up empty as well. Nina wonders if Valentin is keeping something from her, but he swears he would never do that. Nina says the necklace is the key to finding the child.

Jason calls Sam to let her know that he's coming home. The two reunite at the penthouse and she asks where he was during the search for Wiley. Jason explains how he found Taggert alive. Danny's thrilled to have Jason home. 

Carly stops by to see Sonny and Mike. Sonny says Mike won't last much longer. He asks about Nelle. Carly lies and says Nelle got away.

Jax catches up with Nina. He also lies and tells her Nelle got away.

Valerie stops by the mansion and tells Millow that Nelle escaped, but they're still searching. In the woods we see the necklace lying on the ground and no Nelle.

After a second round of Covid sex, Alexis is chatting up Neil until she realizes he's not responding. Neil is dead (I cannot tell you how pissed I am at this).