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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Ditches Brook Lynn for Dante on General Hospital

Lisa LoCicero

Lisa LoCicero

Alexis finds Neil dead in her bed (unless today is part of the same dream, it looks like Dr. Neil Burns is dunzo). The police and Sam are called. Sam tries to be supportive while Valerie questions Alexis. Valerie says paramedics believe it was a heart attack, though Alexis says she didn't know he had a heart condition. 

Carly has nightmares of dead Nelle visiting her. She tells Jax she had a rough night, but Sonny doesn't know the truth. Carly worries that since she didn't see Nelle's body after the drop, she could still be out there. Carly acknowledges that Sonny will be upset when he hears she kept this from him.

Nina meets with Jax's jewelry contact. Evelyn says she has a way to trace the original craftsmanship in Manhattan and gives Nina the contact information. Evelyn points out this may not lead anywhere, but Nina is certain she'll uncover the secrets. 

Nina updates Jax and is certain she'll be able to connect the dots to her child. Jax offers to go with her. Their talk turns to Nelle. Nina's concerned that she'll show up again, but Jax doesn't think the same way.

Sonny talks to Mike about betting on the horses, then decides to take his dad to the track. He has Felix facilitate this. (Uhm, no way a man in end stages of life, who hasn't eaten in who knows how long, would be able to head out to the track, but whatever show.)

Carly's surprised when she sees Sonny getting Mike ready to go out. Sonny says Felix made all of the medical arrangements and they all head out. 

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Olivia brings Brook Lynn an iPad to communicate. Ned apologizes again for throwing her out of the house, but BLQ is not having it. Ned wants Brook Lynn to come home, but she refuses. 

Ned tells Olivia that Brook Lynn refuses to come home or accept his help. Olivia says BLQ has too much pride and needs time to recover. She says Brook Lynn is lashing out and Ned is the best target. 

Olivia mentions that she's leaving to go see Dante. Ned says he's in crisis and needs her to help with Brook Lynn. Olivia says Michael or Sonny can help, but for now she needs this time to see Dante. 

Michael updates Jason on what happened the night before. He says that Nelle was out of her mind and he's lucky he found Wiley. Jason says Nelle pushes people to the breaking point, and praises Michael for not cracking.

Michael tells Jason he and Willow kissed and it was unexpected. Jason says they both love Wiley and that could be a good foundation. He tells Michael to be honest with Willow about his feelings. 

Willow talks to Wiley, who is asleep. Michael eavesdrops via the baby monitor. She says she didn't expect the kiss, but it just happened and it felt natural. 

Michael and Willow head to the hospital to see Brook Lynn. Michael thanks her, saying Nelle would have gotten away if she hadn't given him the information about the tracker. Willow says Brook Lynn's sacrifice made everything possible.