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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Schools Quinn on Her Future as a Forrester

Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang

Quinn (Rena Sofer) shows up to taunt Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) on The Bold and the Beautiful. Brooke questions if Eric (John McCook) would be happy with Quinn, "taking the victory lap."

Quinn thinks Eric would step in line behind all the others who defend Brooke's truly awful behavior over the years. Now it's time to list off Brooke's faults . . . let's start with her running through all the Forrester men (too easy, it's old news), then Quinn moves onto Brooke kissing her sister's husband . . . repeatedly, but again, old news.

Quinn thinks it's about damn time Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) moved on from Brooke to Shauna (Denise Richards). Quinn actually thinks Brooke got an eyeful of Shauna and Ridge from the top of Mount Consummation. Quinn, as most do, oversteps in her soliloquy by bringing up Ridge's quickie divorce and marriage.

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Brooke sees the red flag and puts on the brakes. She tells Quinn she knows something's up (and it's not Ridge). Brooke claims she wouldn't put anything past either her or Shauna. Cue the flashback to Quinn coaching Shauna to text Carter (Lawerence Saint-Victor) to file those divorce papers (whew, no montage).

Brooke schools her rival on how the truth always comes out (she would know). Brooke warns she could lose everything, including her precious portrait above the fireplace.

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