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Dr. Phil Talks "Technical Challenges" After Wrapping 23 New Episodes

Dr Phil

Dr. Phil McGraw has filmed 23 episodes of the new season of his talk show - its 19th! - and is telling Page Six how he did it. McGraw, who just turned 70, shared some of his behind-the-scenes secrets of filming his chatfest, which returns to TVs this month.

He shared:

The technical challenges were pretty steep.

But he managed to continue on, thanks to a network COVID-19 task force, plus "cutting-edge technology" that allows production "to beam-in virtual audiences." 

The Dr. Phil Show also employs 12 different production teams and tests guests for coronavirus right up until they leave the greenroom to go on stage. 

About 80% of the show's staffers are currently working remotely, and McGraw said he consults a "blue-ribbon panel” of Ivy League medical experts every episode.