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Perkie's Observations: Willow's Pillow Talk Puts Chase on Ice on General Hospital

Katelyn MacMullen

Katelyn MacMullen

Sonny takes Mike to the stables at the track and the two share a moment with the horses. (I just can't with this story. It hits very close to home in terms of losing a father to dementia, but this turn they've taken with 'lets take Mike out to see horses' nonsense, which would never happen to an end stage patient who's stopped eating, is too much.) Needless to say, Sonny admits to Carly that he knows things are nearing the end. Sonny and Mike share a moment, and Mike thanks him.

Olivia prepares for her trip to Geneva to see Dante. Ned can't believe she's leaving him in the lurch with Brook Lynn. He thinks Olivia is the only one who can get through to her and help. Olivia says Brook Lynn is not more important than Dante and this is her last chance to see him. Ned says Dante doesn't want to see her and it's better if she leaves him alone. Olivia says, unlike Ned, she's never going to abandon her children. 

Lulu and Dustin pop in to see Brook Lynn, but she continues her bratty streak with the iPad. Lulu says she understands what it's like to be stabbed and left for dead, but Brat Lynn just wants them to leave. 

Chase tells Sasha that he plans on telling Willow the truth about their break up. Sasha thinks it's a terrible idea, saying Willow loves Wiley as his mother and she won't choose Chase over the baby. Sasha believes Willow won't forgive them and he needs to move on. Chase says he won't give up. 

Michael tells Willow he spoke to Diane, and once the legal issues with Nelle are out of the way, he would like Willow to adopt Wiley. Willow is surprised, but Michael wants her to have a legal claim to him. 

Willow accepts, then brings up the kiss. Chase happens to walk up and eavesdrops as the two claim they don't regret the kiss, but don't want to rush things. Willow wants Wiley to have a stable home.

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Their talk turns to Mike and Michael explains he doesn't have much time left. He's sad that Sonny is losing his father, but Willow points out how Michael is losing someone as well. Michael knows Mike had regrets about leaving Adele and Sonny, and swears he won't make the same mistakes. Michael is determined to give Wiley the best life possible, which includes Willow. 

Anna congratulates Maxie and Peter again for their big news. She wants to throw a celebratory party for them.

Robert tells Anna he's going to Holly's memorial. The two argue about Peter. Anna says Robert needs to accept him and stop dredging up misery. Robert counters that Anna keeps avoiding the truth, and needs to step up and face it. 

Sasha pays Brook Lynn a visit to champion Chase's cause. Sasha says he's a good guy, just not for her. 

Chase stops by and thanks Brook Lynn for her help and says that Wiley is safe because of her. Chase runs into Sasha and says he won't be telling Willow the truth because it's too late for that. 

Lulu and Maxie talk about Brook Lynn, and how terrible things are. They start to talk about Maxie's pregnancy. Maxie believes Peter will make an incredible dad. 

Anna gets a phone call from Alex.