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The View Producers Confirm Panelists, Tease Guests for Season 24

The View will kick off its 24th season next week. According to Deadline, former co-host Sara Haines is, indeed, back full-time on the panel and will be in the studio. The other hosts will socially distance for the foreseeable future.

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Of Haines, senior executive producer Hilary Estey McLoughlin stated:

She brings a lot of zest to the conversation, in addition to being very relatable at the same time.

Meghan McCain will be on the chatfest for the start of the season, but once she goes on maternity leave, according to executive producer Brian Teta, guest hosts will fill in for her. They will make sure "every viewpoint" is "accounted for, including the conservative side," thanks to guests like conservative politician Kim Klacik.

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Guests set to appear on the long-running talk show during its premiere week include ex-White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, actress-activist Jane Fonda, and a former aide to Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff

The upcoming election will be a focal point for the show. McLoughlin shared:

The election is our Super Bowl, so we are excited about our hosts covering this very consequential moment. But I think that what evolves over the season — we were at the intersection of politics, the pandemic and the racial justice movement, and we’re always reflecting the national conversation, which gives you a unique position in daytime. …The focus will continue to be that as long as that is the conversation that people are having.

Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen will also appear on Sept. 14, while Teta expects Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to visit the show sometime.

The new season premieres Tuesday, Sept. 8, on ABC. Check out a trailer below.