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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Amanda's Life Is Upended

Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless

Mishael Morgan

New revelations, shocking connections, and confrontations are on the horizon on The Young and the Restless. See what's happening next week in Genoa City and what this fall will bring to your favorites on Y&R.

Amanda: The legal ace (Mishael Morgan) gets DNA results regarding her relationship with Hilary. Amanda has Nate (Sean Dominic) go with her when she informs Devon (Bryton James) of what she's discovered. Watch for Amanda's life to be turned upside down. 

Billy: The Abbott black sheep (Jason Thompson) still wants Adam's (Mark Grossman) head on a stick. Watch as Billy seeks out a new ally against Adam and starts his scheme against him. 

Chelsea: The fashion designer/con artist's (Melissa Claire Egan) world starts to crumble. Chelsea grills Adam on what the deal is between him and Sharon (Sharon Case). Later, Chelsea warns Sharon about her relationship with Adam. Look for Chelsea to get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sharon: The coffeehouse maven heads off to her doctor's appointment to go over her latest test results. Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) tries to be a source of support for Sharon, but she declines his offer to accompany her. Sharon finds out her cancer has returned, and it is far more aggressive. Later, Sharon heads home and keeps mum to Rey about the latest development, but her beau finds the information, and she falls apart.

Adam: The Newman outcast is not only having problems in his personal life, but he's causing them in others' lives, and we're not talking just about Rey and Sharon. Adam's troubles start to have ramifications on his father Victor (Eric Braeden) and stepmother Nikki's (Melody Thomas Scott) marriage.

Victoria: The Newman heiress (Amelia Heinle) keeps a big secret from her ex-hubby Billy. Meanwhile, Victoria's latest move in the business world stuns her brother Nick (Joshua Morrow). Is Victoria starting to turn into Victor?

Phyllis: Red (Michelle Stafford) wants answers from her paramour Nick. Watch for Phyllis to take control of a situation.

Lola: The chef (Sasha Calle) sees another side to Theo (Tyler Johnson).

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Chance: The Chancellor heir (Donny Boaz) goes to the mat for Adam once again.


Nate/Amanda/Devon/Elena: Amanda's past causes enormous ramifications for the quad. Meanwhile, watch for troubled clinic patient Jared to pop up, causing Amanda's history to be revealed.

Victoria: The eldest Newman child is determined to show people she's not just Victor's daughter and puts her own stamp on the business world. Look for Victoria to continue showing she's not Victor's puppet and getting more power.

Adam/Chelsea: The fallout over Adam discovering he killed as a child will continue to torment him and Chelsea. Adam will start to figure out where he stands in life and with his family. Meanwhile, Adam continues pulling away from Chelsea, thinking he's doing right by her and Connor. Adam's actions make Chelsea fret about his well-being and their relationship. Watch for Chelsea to start to become troubled by Sharon continuously helping Adam.

Rey/Sharon: The couple continues to deal with the latest setback Sharon received regarding her cancer. Watch Sharon be devoted to beating the deadly disease while Rey and her family are right there with her.

Jack/Traci: Old Smilin' (Peter Bergman) and his novelist sister (Beth Maitland) continue on their quest to seek out information regarding their mother, Dina's (Marla Adams), past

Theo/Lola/Kyle/Summer: The Abbott playboy (Michael Mealor) and the Newman tartlet's (Hunter King) romance will face some hurdles. Theo and Lola's budding relationship will also have some bumps in the road. Watch for Theo to get the better of himself.

Tessa/Mariah: Watch for the couple's relationship to take a huge turn after Mariah (Camryn Grimes) makes a choice for the both of them.