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Perkie's Observations: Brando Gets Beaten Up on General Hospital

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Peter August, General Hospital

Johnny Wactor

Cyrus' minions beat up Brando and leave him for dead. Jason and Sam take him to the hospital while Spinelli tries to get rid of the camera. Maxie and Peter stop by to talk to Brando about his car, and run into Spinelli. 

After Maxie leaves, Spinelli talks to Peter about his alliance with Shiloh. Spinelli says Nelle gave him the information. Peter denies everything and warns Spinelli not to make an enemy of him. 

Alexis tells Finn about Neil's death and how she feels responsible. Finn recommends she go to an AA meeting. Alexis says she's waiting for the autopsy report. 

Molly's shocked when TJ mentions the firing of Monica and Bobbie, thanks to Cyrus. Molly goes off on a tangent about Cyrus. Cyrus walks up to introduce himself to TJ, but TJ's having none of it. Cyrus and TJ argue about the firings with TJ getting the upper hand. 

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Jordan's thrilled when Curtis brings her dinner. The two discuss their issues with Cyrus and Trina's antagonism towards him. Jordan thinks Portia can help Curtis bridge a gap. 

Molly and TJ are thrilled at winning the argument with Cyrus. Curtis overhears and warns that TJ could lose his job. TJ's not concerned. 

Anna tells Valentin she's going after Alex and needs him for backup. She says it's a two person job and she needs his talent. Anna wants him to help her bring Alex in. Valentin says he's busy with Charlotte and ELQ. Anna says Peter has made himself into a new man and Alex could be a threat to that. Valentin believes this could be a trap and warns Anna to act professionally. 

Sam and Jason believe Cyrus was responsible for Brando's attack. Portia tells JaSam that Brando's being taken for x-rays, but he'll recover. Sam questions Brando. Brando says Cyrus' minions have come sniffing around before. Jason says he believes Brando and all of this is on Cyrus. 

Jordan questions Alexis about Neil's death. Jordan says the autopsy report shows Neil died from respiratory failure from a drug overdose. 

Peter calls Valentin to complain about Nelle and how she can ruin his life. Spinelli sees it all on the garage camera.