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Issa Rae Has Something to Say About The Bold and the Beautiful's Dolls Cast Members

Issa Rae, Insecure

Issa Rae

It seems The Bold and the Beautiful's new way of producing is starting to catch the eyes of Hollywood, sorta. On Twitter, a user's tweet of the social media platform has gone viral after posting a video of B&B and remarking on their use of a mannequin for kissing scenes. The scenes from the September 1 episode featured Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) "kissing" Zoe (Kiara Barnes). 

The viewer quipped in the caption,

I'm cryinggg

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Naturally, the video had Twitter users going crazy, discussing what went down, and included former B&B actor Rome Flynn (ex-Zende). Flynn remarked,

A day later, Issa Rae weighed in on things, where the Insecure star and showrunner cracked,

Afterwards, Barnes expressed her enthusiasm for Rae's tweet and discussed the fun she had filming the scene. She explained to a user of the social media app, who prodded her for more details. Barnes tweeted,