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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Gets the Postmortem on Neil's Opioid Death on General Hospital

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Alexis Davis, General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Jordan tells Alexis that Neil was drugged with an opioid and questions whether he took his own life. Alexis refuses to believe that Neil was suicidal since they were discussing their future. 

Robert and Olivia get to the WSB facility in Geneva, and wait for their chance to see Dante. Olivia worries that she's setting herself up for disappointment. Dr. Kirk refuses to let them see Dante, but Robert says he arranged clearance. Dr. Kirk says seeing Olivia might trigger Dante, but she swears he wouldn't hurt her.

Lulu checks in with Kevin since Laura's still in DC. Cyrus interrupts, wondering when Laura plans on returning. Kevin snaps about staff changes and explains to Lulu that Monica and Bobbie were fired. 

Lulu is outraged, but Cyrus says they opened up the hospital to a lawsuit. (Yes, but the one who is suing is wanted for attempted murder and kidnapping, so that can probably be dropped now.) 

Cyrus brings up Laura again and Lulu wonders why he's so focused on her mother. Cyrus claims he wants a good relationship with the mayor, but both Lulu and Kevin are a little skeeved out by all the attention. 

Jason tells Brando about having the camera installed, and while both believe Cyrus to be responsible, there is no proof. Brando wonders if Jason will retaliate, but Jason says Sonny will handle things. He says Brando will be protected.

After Jason leaves, Sam apologizes to Brando for being a biatch to him. She explains her grifter past and says she didn't mean to judge. Brando accepts the apology. On her way out, Sam hears Kevin and Lulu talk about the firings.

Julian's looking for Martin Gray and Valentin wants to know why. Julian wants to end his marriage to Nelle. He's worried the police will think he's helping her while she's on the run. Valentin says Nelle is better off staying missing. 

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Spinelli updates Jason on the new information from Peter, and shows him the video of Peter talking to someone about Nelle. Spinelli says the evidence against Dr. Obrecht was planted, and Peter is behind all of it. 

Jason says what they have is not enough to convince Anna or Maxie, and they need hard evidence. Spinelli says he'll find out who Peter was talking to on the phone. Peter talks to Valentin and explains about Nelle's conversation with Spinelli. He's worried it will get back to Jason. Valentin promises to help stop Jason from destroying Peter. 

Dr. Kirk heads back to Dante, who refuses to see his mother. Dr. Kirk lets Olivia know and she loses it. She starts banging on Dante's door and begging him to see her. Olivia and Dante sit on each side of the door, crying. 

Robert takes Olivia away and decides to catch a flight back home. Olivia refuses, saying she offered to support Robert at Holly's memorial. 

Dr. Kirk tells Dante he did the right thing by refusing to see Olivia. Dante agrees that he needs to do the work first.

Sam tells Jason that Cyrus fired Monica and Bobbie, and wonders if Jason blames her. 

Julian runs into Alexis at the hospital and is shocked to hear that Neil died. Dr. Myers tells Jordan and Alexis that she found a puncture wound on Neil and no defense wounds. She concludes that he injected himself with the opioids.

Alexis is determined to prove it's a mistake. She and Julian head to Alexis' and check her bedroom. Julian finds an empty syringe under her bed. 

Jordan confronts Cyrus, demanding to know why he killed Neil.