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Days of Our Lives' Ron Carlivati Provides Writing Updates

Ron Carlivati

Days of Our Lives head writer Ron Carlivati shared some insights with Soap Opera Digest about his current scripts. To start with, the veteran soap scribe discussed the challenges of writing intimate scenes with COVID-19 restrictions. He explained:

If a scene ended where Chad [Billy Flynn] kisses Abigail [Marci Miller] that wasn’t so essential o the plot, just a nice little kiss between husband and wife, we can cut it, but there’s other scenes where someone is kissing for the first time, or a couple is making love for the first time, or it’s something significant and it’s harder to say, ‘Well let’s just cut that,’ and that’s something production working on right now.

Some recent cast departures meant a shifting canvas of characters to write for. Carlivati reflected: 

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So during that time when we finally did get our pickup, some of our actors decided that they wanted to pursue something else, so we did lose some people that way and we also elected to cut a couple of people because of budget. So I knew some of those cast losses would be coming eventually and it would upset the audience but there wasn’t much I could do about that[...]I'm writing as many people as I ever did.

The episodes Carlivati is working on now will air closer to their filming dates than previously. He explained:

The difference is, it’s going to be on TV faster. What’s better for me is sometimes when I’m watching the show, I’m like, ‘I forgot this because we wrote it nine months ago,’ and maybe seeing the turnaround and getting it to see it air faster will be nicer for me.