Perkie's Observations: Ava Trips a Fire Alarm to Save's Julian's Hide on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Julian and Alexis wait for the police to come and get the syringe. Alexis can't believe she fell for a liar. She says she, as an addict, can usually spot another addict. Julian says Neil could have been dealing with a lot, but he believes Neil truly cared for Alexis. 

Jordan wants to know Cyrus' connection to Neil, but he denies knowing the doctor. Jordan claims it was Cyrus' drugs and he denies that as well. Cyrus accuses her of reviving her vendetta against him. Jordan accuses Cyrus of kidnapping TJ, which he also denies. She says the terms of their agreement have been met and she will no longer do his bidding. Jordan warns Cyrus he doesn't know what she's capable of, so don't push her.

Sam says she gave control to Valentin, which allowed Cyrus to take control. She asks if Jason blames her. Jason says everything is on Valentin and Sam is not to blame. Sam says people he cares about are paying for her actions. 

Jason hates that Bobbie and Monica lost their jobs, but it's not permanent. Jason says Cyrus will break the truce and Sonny will deal with it. He believes the Quartermaines will get the company back. Jason wants Sam to move on. 

Carly and Bobbie commiserate about her job loss, though the blame is put on Valentin for not helping the hospital. The two spot Valentin with Martin, and confront him. Bobbie says Valentin essentially handed the hospital to Cyrus. Things get heated, but then Brick shows up, breaking everything up. 

Joss tells Cameron that she knows about the kiss with Trina and it's no big deal. Later, Cameron can't believe Trina would tell Joss. Trina says she wanted everything out in the open.

Trina wants more hours from the gallery, but Ava says she needs to speak with her mother. Portia wants a word with Ava and apologizes for coming on so strong. She says she made assumptions about Ava, and understands that Ava is being genuine with Trina. Portia says Ava hasn't led an honorable life, but she'll allow Trina to continue at the gallery. Ava agrees that Portia should never make mistakes with Trina's safety as nothing is more important. 

Portia runs into Jordan and apologizes for bringing up her past with Curtis. She wants to clear the air and swears she has no designs on him. Jordan accepts the truce and the two decide they need to work on getting Trina to stop blaming Curtis for Taggert's death. 

Julian calls Sam to update her on Neil's possible drug overdose. He's worried about Alexis being alone, so Sam agrees to check on her mother. 

Sam and Jason pop over to see Alexis, who can't believe she didn't know Neil like she thought she did. Sam doesn't want Alexis to blame herself. Sam offers to have Alexis stay at the penthouse, but Alexis feels too upset to be around the kids. She promises to call Sam if she feels the need to drink. 

Valentin wants to know what Nelle gave to Martin as leverage over Julian. Martin says it's attorney client privilege and refuses to tell Valentin.

Julian tells Ava that Nelle left a letter with Martin and wants her help in finding it. Julian breaks into Martin's office while Ava plays look out. When Martin and Valentin show up, Ava tries to text Julian to get out, but her phone doesn't work. Ava pulls the fire alarm, distracting Martin long enough for Julian to get out, unseen. Julian tells Ava he didn't find what he was looking for.

Martin has an ELQ file for Valentin, though we see the folder from Nelle in his briefcase. 

Cyrus calls his minions to find out where Neil got the drugs.