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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Quinn Is Ready to Drive In the Nail of Brooke and Ridge's Coffin

Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer

Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Shauna (Denise Richards) are chatting in the shadow of her grand portrait. Shauna is concerned about Quinn's state of mind. Quinn clearly thinks the world is spinning out of control because of . . .  guess who? . . . Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)!

Shauna is orbiting another planet while Quinn is rambling on. She thinks she was summoned to the Forrester mansion to talk about paint colors(!). Quinn tells Shauna the paint colors will need to wait because more pressing issues have come up. Quinn brings up the "Valley Slut" to refocus Shauna's attention. Luckily, Shauna knows who Quinn is referring to and wants to know WTF is happening now.

Apparently, Brooke (unlike Quinn) is in desperation mode. In case you're not paying attention like Shauna, Brooke offered a hand to let Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) back into her life, upending Quinn's plans. However, Quinn lubes Shauna's . . . ego . . . by acknowledging the Bridge history. Both think Ridge has learned from his past mistakes with said ex. 

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Quinn further explains how Ridge was able to witness the implied heat between Brooke and Bill (Don Diamont). Ridge, as you know, wasn't thrilled. Quinn deduces he won't go down that dusty old trail again, BUT points out that Brooke won't give up because Brooke's the one who's relentless (not Quinn). Shauna pipes up on how they need to stop her and Quinn brings up nails, coffins, and burials (oh my!).

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